Tonto                              Battles 2007 Mirrored
Vacuum                              Gang Gang Dance 2008 Saint Dymphna
Music For Evening      Young Marble Giants 1980 Colossal Youth
Mystic Prism                      White Rainbow 2008 Prism of Eternal Now
Gamera                              Tortoise 1996 Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Doomsdayer's Holiday Grails 2008 Doomsdayer's Holiday
Astrological Straits        Zach Hill     2008 Astrological Straits
Yü Gung Pussy                     Galore 1988 Sugarshit Sharp
Pink Flag                         Wire 1977 Pink Flag
Hillyh                            The Mae Shi 2008 Hilllyh
Brain Burner                     No Age 2008 Nouns
Frank Zappa                    Help I'm A Rock The Mothers Of Invention 1966 Freak Out!
Black Santana            La Orquesta de Animales 2006 En Rock
Holland, 1945            Neutral Milk Hotel 1998 In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Appetite                            Mount Eerie 2008 Black Wooden Ceiling Opening
AT&T                             Pavement 1995 Wowee Zowee
Come Saturday          The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart 2009
I Only Said                 My Bloody Valentine 1991 Loveless
Tick On                      Zach Hill 2008 Astrological Straits
Stoic Logic                  Zach Hill 2008 Astrological Straits
Ibi Dreams Of Pavement (A Better Half)             Broken Social Scene 2005 Broken Social Scene
Where the Pixies Go             Heavïness 2008 Heavïness
Providence                           Deerhunter 2007 Cryptograms
Providence                            Sonic Youth 1988 Daydream Nation

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