Ruc n' Roll de 19 Março de 2007

No dia do Papá was a rolling stone, Miguel Henriques senta-se pela última vez este ano aos comandos do Ruc n’Roll.

1. Gary Glitter – Rock n Roll part II
2. Mud – Tiger Feet
3. The Raveonettes – Beat city
4. Sonic Youth – What a waste
5. Interpol – Roland
6. Dandy Warhols – Down like disco
7. Art Brut – Modern Art
8. The Raconteurs – Broken boy soldier
9. Organ – Basement band song
10. X-Wife – Bright lights, big city
11. The Clash – Janie Jones
12. Black Diamond Heavies – White bitch
13. Bob Log III – Big ass hard on
14. Os Tártaros – Tartária

Disco da Semana: Nick Cave and Grinderman [Grinderman]

Nick Cave and Grinderman – Honey bee
Nick Cave and Grinderman – Get it on

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Autolux – Here comes everybody
Asobi Seksu – New years
Clinic – Gideon
The Long Blondes – Separated my motorways
The Great Lesbian Show – On the way to Fátima
Veados com Fome – Nelson
CCCP – Curami
Grabba Grabba Tape – El malo hombre
Katerine – Borderline
Klaxons – Totem on the timeline
Peaches – Boys wanna be her
Junior Senior – Shake your coconuts

Disco da Semana: LCD Soundsystem [Sound of Silver]

LCD Soundsystem – Watch the tape
LCD Soundsystem – All my friends

Shake your coconuts, motherfuckers!!!

Por Miguel Henriques

Ruc n Roll de 6 de Março

Therapy? – Meat abstract
Sonic Youth – Teenage Riot
Pavement – Silence kit
Selfish Cunt – Corporate slut
Eagles of Death Metal – Boy’s bad news
Jello Biafra e Melvins – California uber alles
Birthday Party – Junkyard
Aliex Sex Friend – Rip the crumb truck
PJ Harvey – Naked cousin
Datsuns – Emperor’s new clothes
Fu Manchu – We must obey

Album da Semana: !!! [Myth Takes]
!!! – Must be the noon
!!!- All my heroes are weirdos

Ligado à corrente por Miguel Henriques

Rucr'n roll Algures em Fevereiro... ou seria Março

Shadow's of Knight - Oh Yeah
Young Widows - The Charmers
Gang of Four - Natural's not in it
Love is all - used goods
The Blow - Bonjour Jeune Fille
Fog Vs Mould - For the Length of Love (interpol)
CSS - Computer Heat
Planningtorock - 4
The money susuky - A little bit of Love
Marie Stern - Put all Your Eggs in one Basket and Then Watch That Basket!!
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Five easy Pieces
The Good The Bad & The Queen - The Good The Bad & The Queen

Soundcheck : Electrelane [No shouts, no calls]

Electrelane - the greater time
Electrelane - After the call

antonio sergio

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