emissão de 27 de janeiro

isto hoje estava-me a correr que nem ginjas. por mim tinha ficado mais meia horita...

no age - every artist needs a tragedy (weirdo rippers, 2007)
collisions - japan '45
mika miko - forensic scientist (666 EP)
abe vigoda - the garden (skeleton, 2008)
deerhoof - the perfect me (friend opportunity, 2007)
the octopus project - truck (hello, avalanche, 2007)
wavves - side yr on (wavves, 2008)

soundcheck - the pains of being pure at heart (S/T, 2009)
young adult friction
the tenure itch
everything with you

the organ - brother (grab that gun, 2004)
deerhunter - nothing ever happened (microcastle, 2008)
elf power - owl cuts (white flowers in the sky) (in a cave, 2008)
the microphones - the moon (the glow pt. 2, 2001)
low - condescend (songs for a dead pilot, 2001)

elizabeth cotten - shake sugaree (shake sugaree, 2004)
blonde redhead - a cure (melody of certain damaged lemons, 2000)
sonic youth - jams run free (rather ripped, 2006)
magik markers - last of the lemach line (BOSS, 2007)

soundcheck - the pains of being pure at heart (S/T, 2009)
a teenager in love
gentle sons

evangelista - for the lil' dudes (hello, voyager, 2008)
mogwai - the sun smells too loud (the hawk is howling, 2008)
errors - dance music (it's not something but it's like whatever, 2008)
these new puritans - colours (beat pyramid, 2008)
peter, bjorn and john - school of kraut (seaside rock, 2008)
metronomy - my heart rate rapid (nights out, 2008)

2 comentários:

Alguém que resolva o problema da falha de emissão, por favor!

Fico indignada quando vejo aqui as canções que perdi! Hoje foi meia hora sem programa, outras vezes é mais... resolvam isso, por favor!

Já mais calma...; Emanuel, que programa maravilhoso!

beijos e abraços

terça-feira, janeiro 27, 2009 7:03:00 da tarde  

Tenho dito! As terças são sempre um must!

sexta-feira, janeiro 30, 2009 4:18:00 da tarde  

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