emissão de 13 de janeiro

14h - 15h

bear in heaven - slow gold (red bloom of the boom, 2008)
peter, bjorn & john - school of kraut (seaside rock, 2008)
the organ - brother (grab that gun, 2004)
electrelane - i'm on fire (bruce springsteen, singles, b-sides & live, 2006)
deerhoof - my purple past (offend maggie, 2008)
marc ribot - yo! i killed your god (requiem for what's his name, 1992)
collisions - japan '45 (não editada)

soundcheck - wavves (wavves, 2008)
side yr on
california goth

marnie stern - shea stadium (this is it..., 2008)
zach hill - keep calm and carry on (astrological straits, 2008)
YATCH - it's boring /you can live anywhere you want (summer song EP, 2008)
starfucker - rawnald gregory erickson the second (starfucker, 2008)

15h - 16h

yo la tengo - from a motel 6 (painful, 1993)
sonic youth - sunday (a thousand leaves, 1998)
blonde redhead - distilled (in an expression of the inexpressible, 1998)
the microphones - the moon (the glow, pt. 2, 2001)
the breeders - night of joy (mountain battles, 2008)
free kitten - seasick (inherit, 2008)
thurston moore - trees outside the academy (trees outside the academy, 2007)
grandaddy - the crystal lake (the sophtware slump, 2000)
enon - natural disasters (high society, 2002)

soundcheck - wavves (wavves, 2008)
spaced raider
teenage super party
the boys will love us

low - everybody's song (the great destroyer, 2005)
my bloody valentine - cupid come (isn't anything, 1988)

pour yourself another cup, another cup, and wait, i can't wait forever...

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Live your life of stupid luck, of stupid luck, of stupid luck, it's a game, nobody does it better

Breaking everybody's heart, taking everyone apart, breaking everybody's heart, singing everybody's song

quinta-feira, janeiro 15, 2009 2:29:00 da tarde  

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