2009 a primeira segunda

Kick Out The Jams     MC 5 1969 Kick Out The Jams
No Fun                        The Stooges 1969 The Stooges
Joe'z Waltz                The Dodos 2008 Visiter
Right Hand On My Heart            The Whigs 2007 Mission Control
Preteen Weaponry  Part 2           Oneida 2008 Preteen Weaponry
Black Rice                    Women 2008 Women
Suffering Jukebox              Silver Jews 2008 Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea
starting over               Black Lips 2009 200 Million Thousand 
Here's to the Sun           Wavves 2008 Wavves
Space Raider                  Wavves 2008 Wavves
The Ceasing Now               Parts & Labor 2008 Receivers
Simon Says                     Marnie Stern 2008 This Is It...

2a Hora

Carol Ann Thee                    Oh Sees 2008 Carol Ann 7''
An Ill Jest                              Ty Segall 2008 Ty Segall
Hellhole Ratrace                  Girls
Lola Langusta                         Cheveu 2007 My Answer Is Yes 7''
Safest In Bearhugs                 Twin Lion (2009) AWESOME POWER
Vermin                                    Wavves 2008 Wavves
Wavves                                    Wavves 2008 Wavves
The Boys Will Love Us          Wavves 2008 Wavves
south of france                         harlem Free drugs ;-)
Head Hunters                         Graffiti Island
Rester                                      Zola Jesus 2008 XXperiments
Beach Foam                           Future Islands 2008 Wave Like Home
If I Had A Heart                    Fever Ray Fever Ray
Aquafresh                               Zomby 2008 Zomby EP
XR 2                                        M.I.A. 2007 Kala
Summertime Clothes            Animal Collective 2009 Merriweather Post Pavilion

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