liars - a march (demo, 2008)
deerhoof - snoopy waves (offend maggie, 2008)
free kitten - seasick (inherit, 2008)
abe vigoda - the garden (skeleton, 2008)
metronomy - my heart rate rapid (nights out, 2008)
the kills - last day of magic (midnight boom, 2008)
the fall - latch key kid (imperial wax solvent, 2008)
oneida - preteen weaponry part 3 (preteen weaponry, 2008)
autolux - audience no. 2 (single, 2008)
deerhunter - operation (weird era cont., 2008)
deerhunter - nothing ever happened (microcastle, 2008)
atlas sound - river card (let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel, 2008)

the microphones - the moon (versões original e alternativa) (the glow pt. 2, 2001, reeditado em 2008)
mt eerie - stop singing (black wooden ceiling opening, 2008)
mogwai - the sun smells too loud (the hawk is howling, 2008)
errors - dance music (it's not something but it's like whatever, 2008)
fuck buttons - bright tomorrow (street horrrsing, 2008)
thee silver mt zion memorial orchestra & tra-la-la band - 1,000,000 died to make this sound (13 blues for thirteen moons, 2008)
spiritualized - borrowed your gun (songs in A & E, 2008)
ratatat - shempi (LP3, 2008)
the raveonettes - lust (trentmøeller remix) (remixed, 2008)


1ª hora
Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe; Led Zeppelin - Whole lotta love; Buzzcoks - What do i get?; Cocteau Twins - Musette and drums; The Cure - A forest; Joy Division - Atmosphere; Nirvana - Lithium; Radiohead - You; Marnie Stern - This is it and...(2008) - Prime; Transformers; Shea Stadium; Ruler; EF - Tva.

2ª hora
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless; The Clash - Mustapha dance; dEUS - Sister Dew; The Twilight Sad - Cold days from the birdhouse (live); Arctic Monkeys - Space invaders (não editada); Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus; Marnie Stern - This is it and...(2008) - Steely; Simon Says; Clone Cycle; Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot; TV on The Radio - Halfway home.

com alguns problemas, mas foi assim a emissão não de pós-rock, mas de pós natal!

abraços e beijos

É Lindo Este Natal

Alinhamento da véspera de Natal, e para quem não sabe, o Dia Universal do Perdão

1ª hora

- Mackenzies - Big Jim
- Half Man Half Biscuit - I Hate Nerys Hughes
- The Wolfhounds - Feeling So Strange Again
- MacCarthy - Celestial City
- Quicksilver Messenger Service - Who do You Love?
- Liars - Plaster Cards of Everything
- Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone
- Glenn Branca - Fuck Yourself
- Sonic Youth - New Hampshire
- dEUS - Via
- Deerhunter - Little Kids
- Battles - Tonto
- Awesome Color - Step Up
- Marnie Stern - Vault
- Dinosaur Jr. - Yeah We Know

2ª Hora

- Yo La Tengo - Spec Bebop
- Religious Knives - On A Drive
- Moha - The Shitman
- Beck - Pink Noise
- Richard Hell - Hurt Me
- Los Campesinos - You'll Need Those Fingers to Crossing
- Women - Shaking Hands
- Foals - Cassius
- My Morning Jacket - Librarian
- Johnny Cash - Hurt (NIN Cover)

Por: João "Zappa" Picanço

Hoje o Ruc n Roll vai de férias, estamos a fazer obras no telhado, que as renas do Papai Noel deram-nos cabo das telhas, e o velhote das barbas partiu-nos a chaminé com o saco!

O Pós-Rock em 2008

1ª hora

Mogwai - I`m Jim Morrison, I`m dead

God is an Astronaut - Snowfall
The Jimmi Cake - Jetta`s Palace
Gregor Samsa - The Adolescent
The Microphones - Glow, part.2 (re-edição):
- My roots are strong and deep
- I felt my size
- The Glow, part.2
Eno - Kelar
This is Your Captain Speaking - Incirculation
L`elan Vital - Ode from the Mountains of Bothzak
Wang Weng - 02

2ª hora

Russian Circles - Campaign
We`re From Japan - There are horses in the street
This Will Destroy You - Threads
Laura - Cardboard Cutout Robot Victim Hero Children
The Microphones - The Glow, part.2 (re-edição):
- My Warm Blood
Maybeshewill - Seraphim and Cherubim
Kontakte - Sterile World
Errors - Dance Music
A Silver Mt. Zion - 1,000,000 Died to Make This Sound

O Pós-Rock de 2008 em retrospectiva numa emissão especial de Ruc`n`Roll com Diogo Santos e Sérgio Silva.

Abraços, Beijos e Bom Natal

Vilma Guiomar!!!!! PARABÉNS

01. Group Inerane - Nadan Al Kazawnin [Guitars From Agadez, 2007]
02. Nomo - Brainwave [Ghost Rock, 2008]
03. Growing - Grreen flag [All The Way, 2008]
04. Ryoji Ikeda - Test Pattern #1010 [Test Pattern, 2008]
05. Valerio Cosi - Proud (to be kraut) A Burning OM reprise [Heavy Electronic 06. Pacific Loop, 2008]
07. Microphones - I Want The Wind To Blow [The Glow Pt.2, 2001 (reissue 2008)]
08. Microphones - The Moon (version) [The Glow Pt.2, 2001 (reissue 2008)]
09. Microphones - The Glow Pt.2 [The Glow Pt.2, 2001 (reissue 2008)]
10. Microphones - I Want To Be Cold [The Glow Pt.2, 2001 (reissue 2008)]
11. Mt. Eerie - Don't Smoke [Black Wooden Ceiling Opening, 2008]
Mt. Eerie -Stop Singing [Black Wooden Ceiling Opening, 2008]

12. Larytta - Voodoo Things Difficul Lee [Difficult Fun, 2008]
13. Grails - Reincarnation Blues [Doomsdayer's Holiday, 2008]
14. A Place To Bury Strangers - Missing You [A Place To Bury Strangers (UK), 2008]
15. 0Microphones - The Mansion [The Glow Pt.2, 2001 (reissue 2008)]
16. Microphones - Map [The Glow Pt.2, 2001 (reissue 2008)]
17. Microphones - The Glow pt.2 (version) [The Glow Pt.2, 2001 (reissue 2008)]
18. Kontakte - Sterile World [Soundtracks To Lost Road Movies]
19. Explosions In The Sky - Welcome Ghosts [All Of The Sudden I Miss Everyone]
20. Yasushi Yoshida - Greyed [Little Grace, 2008]
21. Bradford Cox - Fluorescent Grey (Home Recording July 2006) [Fluorescent Grey Demos]
22. Thee Oh Sees - Inquiry Perpitrated [Thee Oh Sees & The Intelligence Split 12", 2008]
23. Numbers - New Life [Now You Are This, 2007]
24. MeHo! Plaza - I Sold My Organs [MeHo Plaza, 2008]
25. Dan Deacon - Lion With A Sharks Head [Twacky Cats, 2004]


Neste dia a Ementa foi:

Abe Vigoda - Cranes
Tv On The Radio - Red Dress
Liars - Houseclouds
Fugazi - By You
Joy Division - Transmission
The Horrors - Count In Fives
Times New Viking - Drop Out
Fuck Buttons - Colours Move

The Microphones - Moon - I want Wind to Blow - I Felt My Size

Neutral Milk Hotel - Two-headed Boy
Raveinettes - Uncertain Times

E depois:

- Oneida - Preten Weaponry part 1
- James Chance & the Contortions - Dish it Out
- Teenage Jesus & The Jerks - Burning Rubber
- MARS - Hairwaves
- D.N.A. - Not Moving
- Von LMO - This is Pop Rock
- Von LMO - Fire Eyes
The Microphones - Glow, Pt.2 - Map

Nick Cave - Albert Goes West
Fog - I've been Wronged
The Portugals - Sylvester Stalin
The (International) Nois Conspiracy - Young Pretenders Army
Velvet Underground - Run Run Run

Por: João Picanço

14h - 15h
american chamber music - still life (untitled EP, 2006)
mogwai - take me somewhere nice (rock action, 1999)
mt. eerie - stop singing (black wooden ceiling opening, 2008)

soundcheck - the microphones (the glow pt. 2, 2001, reeditado em 2008)
i want the wind to blow (verison)
the glow pt. 2
the glow pt. 2 (sequel)

elizabeth cotten - shake sugaree (shake sugaree, 1967)
shocking pinks - i want u back (shocking pinks, 2007)
the fall - latch key kid (imperial wax solvent, 2008)
fiery furnaces - navy nurse (widow city, 2007)
the white stripes - the big three killed my baby (the white stripes, 1999)
the von bondies - c'mon c'mon (pawn shoppe heart, 2003)
whirlwind heat - purple (do rabbits wonder?, 2003)
times new viking - drop out (rip it off, 2007)

15h - 16h
abe vigoda - the garden (skeleton, 2008)
no age - everybody's down (weirdo rippers, 2007)
liars - plaster casts of everything (liars, 2007)
jay reatard - puppet man (blood visions, 2006)
jay reatard (deerhunter) - fluorescent grey (jay reatard/deerhunter split single)
deerhunter - cryptograms (cryptograms, 2007)

soundcheck - the microphones (the glow pt. 2, 2001, reeditado em 2008)
map-moon (version)
the moon
the moon (version)

quickspace - gloriana (the death of quickspace, 2000)
grandaddy - chartsengrafs (the sophtware slump, 2000)
deerhoof - wrong time capsule (the runners four, 2006)
autolux - under orbit (demonstration, 2001)
...and you will know us by the trail of dead - relative ways (source tags & codes, 2002)


1ª Hora de Ruc n Roll

Les Savy Fav - Hold On To Your Genre
Awesome Color - Evil Rose
Pink Mountaintops - Cold Criminals
Grails - Reincarnation Blues
Rings - Is He Handsome
Atlas Sound - Bite Marks
Low - Violence
Dungen - Fredag
Spectrum - Hey Man
My Bloody Valentine - Soon
The Microphones - The Moon
2ª Hora Ruc n Roll

Marnie Stern - The Crippled Jazzer
Women - Lawncare
Tenage Jesus and The Jerks - The Closet
No Age - Cappo
White Denim - Shake Shake Shake
White Denim- All You Really Have To Do
No Bunny - Chick Berry Holiday
Ty Segall - You're Not Me
Man Man - Hurly / Burly
Neutral Milk hotel - Two Headed Boy

The Microphones: I Want The Wind To Blow Where Lies My Tarp The Glow Part 2.
Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened

Soundcheck : The Microphones - The Glow Part.2 [K Records 2001/2008]

Luis Luzio

Antes de mais, um esclarecimento: o soundcheck desta semana não é, ao contrário do habitual, uma novidade. É antes um disco com 7 anos de prateleira, que mereceu reedição este ano, já no mês de Abril. E porque é que, assim sendo, o escolhemos para destaque? Muito simples: porque é demasiado bom para o deixarmos passar ao lado!

Phil Elverum merece muito respeitinho. Não só por ser um criador compulsivo, com uma produção musical em quantidades surpreendentes, mas sobretudo por essa produção ser de uma qualidade incrível.
The Microphones foi o nome pelo qual editou até 2003, sempre em colaboração com outros músicos norte-americanos e canadianos, como veio a acontecer mais tarde com Julie Doiron dos Eric's Trip. O projecto passou a designar-se Mount Eerie (a grafia varia, podendo aparecer também abreviado como Mt. Eerie; o próprio Phil Elverum assina a espaços Elvrum, escusando-se a explicações), exactamente o nome do último registo como The Microphones.
Ainda antes disso, em 2001, é editado este The Glow Pt 2. O álbum é uma deliciosa recolha de composições muito lo-fi, que com uma capacidade melódica de fazer inveja a muita música pop mais convencional, cruza o rock mais sónico com as guitarras acústicas próprias dos cantautores, com muita experimentação vocal e arranjos insólitos mas magistrais. Em boa verdade, tenho dúvidas de alguma vez ter ouvido saxofones que me fizessem tanto sentido como neste álbum.
A re-edição aconteceu em Abril deste ano, muito por culpa da exposição mediática crescente a que Phil Elverum foi estando sujeito como Mt. Eerie. E vai estar esta semana em rotação elevada nas emissões do ruc'n'roll.


Black Sabbath - Paranoid; Sonic Youth - Trilogy (the wonder, hyperstation e eliminator jr); Nirvana - Milk it (demo version); Volcano! -
Red and white bells; Awesome Color - Electric Aborigenes: eyes of light, taste it, already down; Cloud Archive - How to smoke roses; French Teen Idol - Ode to a departing friend.

Arctic Monkeys - Cigarrete smoker Fiona; TV on the Radio - Shout me out; Radiohead - Paranoid Android; The Stone Roses - Fools gold; Awesome Color - Electric Aborigenes: step up, do it right, evil rose; The Sound of Animals Fighting - Uzbekistan; Interstellar Overdrive - Music for the trees; Spokes - Sometimes words are too slow.

Abraços e Beijos


01. R.L. Burnside - Rollin' & Tumblin'
02. Black Diamond Heavies - Guess You've Gone And Fucked it All Up
03. D3ö - Couldn't Care At All
04. Awesome Color - Eyes Of Light (Electric Aborigines)
05. Awesome Color - Outside Tonight
(Electric Aborigines)
06. Dirtbombs - Leopard Man at C&A
07. Zach Hill - Dark Art
08. A Place To Bury Strangers - To Fix the Gash in Your Head
09. Meho Plaza - The Beach
10. The Raveonettes - Deadv Sound (80KIDZ remix)
11. Errors - Pump
12. MSTRKRFT - The Looks

13. Fuck Buttons - Bright -Tomorrow
14. Território - Casa Morta
15. Ratatat - Falcon Jab
16. Fujiya & Miyagi - Sore ThumbC
17. The Kills - Cheap And Chearfull
18. Holy Fuck - Lovelly Allen
19. Black Mountain - Wucan (com esta veio tudo abaixo)
20. Japanther - See Evil
21. Sonic Youth - Sunday
22. Awesome Color - Already Down (Electric Aborigines)
23. Awesome Color - Burning (Electric Aborigines)
24. Black Keys - Strange Times
25. Beastie Boys - Time for livin'
26. Eat Skull - Beach Brains
27. Dead Kennedys - California Über Alles
28. Fucked Up - Son The Father

Alinhamento de dia 10.12.08

Com alguns problemas pelo meio, o Ruc n' roll teve o seguinte alinhamento:

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
ESG - There Was a Time
God Is An Astronaut - Zodiac
Marnie Stern - Simon Says
No Age - Keechie
Moha! - Too Smart Enough To Think

Awesome Colors
- Already Down
- Evil Rose
- Taste It

Lee Ranaldo - Spkr Test
Sonic Youth - Youth Against Fascism
Primal Scream - Insect Royalty

2ª Hora

Nickel Eye - Dying Star
Velvet Underground - Chelsea Girl
Velvet Underground - Run Run Run (live)
Sons and Daughters - Hunt
Dinosaur Jr. - Little Fury Things
Animal Collective - Peacebone
High Places - Universe
Battles - Atlas

Awesome Color

- Burning
- The Moon
- Step Up

Deerhunter - Never Stops
Dan Deacon - The Crystal Cat

Por: João Picanço a.k.a. Albert Hammond Jr da RU(

14h - 15h
...and you will know us by the trail of dead - how near, how far (source tags & codes, 2002)
sonic youth - dripping dream (sonic nurse, 2004)
autolux - audience no. 2 (transit transit, a editar em 2009)
celebration - tame the savage (the modern tribe, 2007)
electrelane - bells (axes, 2005)

soundcheck - awsome color- electric aborigines (ecstatic peace, 2008)
evil rose
the moon
come and dance

free kitten - free kitten on the mountain (inherit, 2008)
indian jewelry - swans (free gold!, 2008)
do make say think - the landlord is dead (goodbye enemy airship, the landlord is dead, 2000)

15h - 16h
zach hill - keep calm and carry on (astrological straits, 2008)
marnie stern - shea stadium (this is it..., 2008)
metronomy - my heart rate rapid (nights out, 2008)
esg - UFO (a south bronx story, vol 1, 2000)
le tigre - on guard (feminist sweepstakes, 2002)

soundcheck: awsome color- electric aborigines (ecstatic peace, 2008)
already down
do it right
eyes of light

cave - hunt like devil (hunt like devil/jamz, 2007)
oneida - preteen weaponry, part 1 (preteen weaponry, 2008)

e por aqui me fico, que estou irritado.

Rock imaculado

1ª Hora

Ty Segall - The Drag
Catatonic Youth - Piss Scene 2
Times New Viking - Pagan Eyes
Women - Upstairs
HEALTH - Perfect Skin
Fucked Up - The Chemestry of Common Life
Fuck Buttons - Okay!Let's Talk About Magic
MoHa! - The Shitman
Los Llamarada - The Future Scream
Teeth Mountain - Keinsein
Religious Knives - Downstairs
Awesome Color - Burning

2ª Hora:

Love is All - Give it Back
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Date With The Night
Lcd Soundsystem - Give it Back
Deerhunter - Wash Off
White Denim - Don't Look That Way at It
Comets on Fire - Blue Tomb
Parts and Labour - Unexplosions
Black Mountain - Tyrans
Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
Awesome Color - Tast It
Awesome Color -The Moon

Soundcheck : Awesome Color - Electric Aborigines [ecstatic peace , 2008]

hasta. LuisLuzio

5 de Dezembro, no dia antes de Sábado

a primeira hora:

Credence Clearwater Revival - Ramble tamble; Can - Oh Yeah; King Crimson - Larks tongues in aspic, part.2; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - The effects of 333; Atlantis - Can you hear me; Les Georges Leningrad - Nebraska`s Valentine; Vivian Girls - Damaged - Wild eyes - Tell the world; CharliyeBoy - Let`s talk about cheeseballs; Daturah - Hybrisma.

a outra hora:

My Bloody Valentine - Soon;
Uzi & Ari - Patron Saints; Lights Out Asia - March against the savages; Volta do Mar - Ransom stoddard; The Twilight Sad - 24 hours (Joy Division); The Microphones - Glow, pt.2; Vivian Girls - Where do you run to? - All the time - I believe in nothing; Meho Plaza - The beach; The Dodos - The season.

por, Diogo Santos

beijos e abraços

Summer It's Gone

01. !!! - Hammerhead
02. ESG - Bam Bam Jam
03. Millionaire - Her Gender (Fixed)
04. No Age - Teen Creeps
05. Awesome Color - Already Down
06. Marnie Stern - Put all Your Eggs In One asket And Then Watch It!
07. Zach Hill - Dark Art
08. Vivian Girls - All The Time
09. Vivian Girls - Tell the World
10. Vivian Girls - No
11. Enon - Dr.Freeze
12. BMSR - Black Yogurt
13. Grandaddy - Summer It's Gone
14. Caribou - Bees
15. Neu! - Hallogallo

16. Fucked Up - Magic Word
17. Lightning Bolt - 2Morro Morro Land
18. Hair Police - Strict
19. The Lights Streaming Through The Sound - India (Sunride EP)
20. Sunno))) & Boris - The Sinking Belle
21. Thee More Shallows - Pre-Present
22. Jesu - Farewell
23. A Place To Bury Strangers - Sunbeam
24.Deerhunter - Vox Celeste
25. Vivian Girls - Where Do You Go To
26. Vivian Girls - Such A Joke
27. Vivian Girls - Wild Eyes
28. Jay Reatard -Fluorescent Grey

Sexo Drogas e Bonecas Insufláveis - Isto é o Rock n' Roll

No dia três de Dezembro do já velhinho mas futuramente saudoso 2008 pelo simples facto de se ter, finalmente, conhecida a indignação do Dr. Pacheco Pereira por nunca, jamais em tempo algum, os bloggers nacionais e internacionais linkarem o seu blog pessoal para exaustiva análise das suas dissertações políticas, teve o seguinte alinhamento:

David Bowie - Suffragatte City
Yo La Tengo - Beanbag Chair
Sunshine Underground - Borders
Black Mountain - Angels
Television - See No Evil
LA's - I.O.U.
Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat (Live)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Berlin

Vivian Girls - Never See Me Again
- No
- Damage
- Wild Eyes

Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland 1945
The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldier
Wolfmother - Woman
The Go! Team - Titanic Vandalism
New Pornographers - Twin Cinema
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Oregon Girl
Spiritualized - Come Together

Na segunda hora tivemos:

The Strokes - Trying Your Luck
These New Puritans - Swords of Truth
Deerhoof - Jagged Fruit
Azeda Booth - In Red

Vivian Girls - All The Time
- Such a Joke
- Going Insane
- Tell The World
Band Of Horses - Ode to lrc
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Prippy Eye
Asobi Seksu - Thursday
TV On The Radio - King Eternal
TV On The Radio - Dancing Choose
The Breeders -It's the Love

Por João Picanço

NOTA: Se Clicarem na imagem vêm que o Dr. Pacheco Pereira não tem razão para se queixar e que RU( faz justiça.

yo la tengo - from a motel 6 (painful, 1993)
low - canada (trust, 2002)
the microphones - the moon (the glow, pt. 2, 2001)
oneida - preteen weaponry (preteen weaponry, 2008)
magik markers - last of the lemach line (BOSS, 2007)

soundcheck: vivian girls - homónimo
such a joke
wild eyes
tell the world

liars - freak out (liars, 2007)
abe vigoda - the garden (skeleton, 2008)
meho plaza - the beach (welcome to meho plaza, 2005)
numbers - hey hey dream (now you are this, 2007)
the dodos - winter (visiter, 2008)

electrelane - only one thing is needed (the power out, 2004)
autolux - angry candy (demonstration, 2001)
whirlwind heat - orange (do rabbits wonder, 2003)
!!! - me and giuliani down by the school yard (a true story) (louden up now, 2004)
mstrkrft - street justice (the looks, 2005)
fuck buttons - bright tomorrow (street horrrsing, 2008)
the field - a paw in my face (from here we go sublime, 2008)

souncheck - vivian girls - homónimo
i believe in nothing
going insane
never see me again

beck - minus (odelay, 1996)
jay reatard - gamma ray (beck, 2008)
japanther - cable babies (skuffed up my huffy, 2007)
the jesus & mary chain - crackin' up (munki, 1998)

Alinhamento de Segunda-feira, 1 de Dezembro de 2008

1ª Hora

South - Colours In Waves
The Stone Roses - Sally Cinnamon
Spectrum - How You Satisfy Me
Religious Knives - It's Hot
Cloudland Canyon - You And I
Faust - Picnic On A Frozen River (Deuxieme Tableaux)
Mercury Rev - Senses On Fire ( Fujiya & Miyagi Remix)
Primal Scream - Loaded

Soundcheck: Vivian Girls [ Vivian Girls_2008 ]

Vivian Girls - Tell The World
Vivian Girls - I Believe In Nothing


Beck - Minus
Sic Alps - Mater

2ª Hora

The Portugals - Got New Roman
The Olivia Tremor Control - Opera House
Deerhunter - Never Stops
Parts & Labor - Nowheres Nigh
Love Is All - Last Choice
Panico - Santiago Song
Robots In Disguise - I Live In Berlin
YACHT - The Summer Song
Power Douglas - Pangea

Soundcheck: Vivian Girls [ Vivian Girls_2008 ]

Vivian Girls - Damaged
Vivian Girls - Where Do You Want To
Vivian Girls - No

Galaxy 500 - Fourth Of July
God Is An Astronaut - Zodiac
Women - Cameras

Por João Alexandre

O trio com base em Brooklyn, New York acaba de lançar neste ano de 2008 o seu auto-intitulado álbum de estreia. No seu myspace pode ler-se que têm como influências o Punk, o Surf e até o Shoegaze, mas é com um estilo muito mais Indie/Noise Pop que se caracteriza o som destas três raparigas que não esquecem nunca a cena underground nova-iorquina ao longo do disco.

O álbum das senhoras Cassie Ramone, Kickball Katy e Ali editado em Setembro pela In the Red vai estar em exposição no Ruc n' Roll a partir de dia 1/12 a 5/12.

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