Ruc n Roll de 27 de Novembro de 2006

Les Georges Leningrad – Track Georges Five [Rough Trade shops Post Punk – Vol 1]
ESG – Tiny Sticks [South Bronx Story]
The Gossip – Jealous Girls [Standing in the way of control]
Bunnyranch – In the land of the poor [Luna Dance]
Strokes – Heart in a Cage [First Impressions of Earth]
Interpol – Say hello to angels [Turn on the bright lights]
Albert Hammond Jr. – In transit [Yours to keep]
Bow Wow Wow – Aphrodisiac [Marie Antoinette; 2006]
Blondie – Kun fu girls [Blondie]
Klingonz – Cabbage girls [Best of fury psychobilly]
Bérurier Noir – Porcherie/La jeunesse emmerde le Front National [Viva Bertaga]

Disco da Semana : Long Blondes - Someone to drive you home

In the movies
In the company of women

Datsuns – Who are you stamping your foot for? [Smoke and Mirrors]
Motorhead - Ace of Spades [Best of]

Programação, locução, realização (e Dona Conceição) por Miguel Henriques

"Rock àbrir!"

Ruc n’ Roll de 23 de Novembro 2006

Pavement- Cut Your Hair [Crooked Rain Crooked Rain]
Stereolab- Nihilist Assault Group[Mars Audiac Quintet]
Thurston Moore - Psychic Hearts[Psychic Hearts]
Sleater-Kinney- Jumpers [The Woods]
Grandaddy- Pull The Curtains[Excerpts From The Diary Of Todzilla]
Humbert Humbert- Humbert Humbert [Um Ano De Bailarico_Compilação]
Whirlwind Heat- Reagan[Types Of Wood]
Teenage Fanclub - Born Under A Good Sign [Man Made]

Soundcheck – Asobi Seksu : Citrus_2006

Asobi Seksu - Thursday
Asobi Seksu - Strings

Mão Morta- Kayatronic[3 Pistas_Compiçlação]
Radio 4 - Dance To The Underground (Playgroup Remix] [Electrify EP]

Por... João Alexandre

Ruc n Roll abençoado por Deus e pelo Elvis de 21 de Novembro de 2006

Cure – I want to be old
António Variações – Toma o comprimido
The Lond Blondes – Lust in the movies
Clinic – Family
Depeche Mode – A pain that I’m used to
Soulwax – E talking
Young Gods – Rue des tempêtes
Peaches – Boys wanna be her
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Whatever happened to rock n roll (punk song)
Toy Dolls – Com back Jackie

Album da semana: Asobi Seksu - Citrus (Friendly Fire)
Asobi Seksu – New Years
Asobi Seksu – Pink Clouds tracing paper

The Fiery Furnaces – In my little thatched hut
Buzzcocks – Ever fallen in love (with someone)
Les Baton Rouge – Slut machine

By the artist formerly known as DJ Couve

Ruc n’ Roll de 20 de Novembro 2006

Sonic Youth - Jams Run Free [Sonic Youth]
Boris - ...[Pink]
Olivia Tremor Control - Dust At Cubist Castle [Dust At Cubist Castle]
TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me [Return To Cookie Mountain]
Liars - Hold And It Will Happen Anyway [They Were Wrong,So We Drowned]
Deerhoof - Milk Man [Milk Man]

Soundcheck – Asobi Seksu - Citrus_2006

Asobi Seksu – Strawberries
Asobi Seksu – Thursday

The Long Blondes - Autonomy Boy []
Comets On Fire - Dogwood Rust [Avatar]
Bunnyranch - In The Land Of The Poor [Luna Dance]
Adam Green - Nat King Cole [Jacket Full Of Danger]

Por... João Alexandre

Ruc n’ Roll de 16 de Novembro

Comets On Fire - Jaybird [Avatar]
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - White Palms [B.R.M.C]
Wire - Too Late [Chairs Missing ]
Veados Com Fome - Comando []
Thunderbirds Are Now - Cobra Feet [Justamustache]
Los Hijos Bastardos De Tom Waits - 1234 [Um Ano De Bailarico_Compilação]
Modest Mouse - Life Like Weeds [Moon And Antartica]

Soundcheck – Bunnyranch : Luna Dance_2006

Bunnyranch – Flip Flop
Bunnyranch – In The Land Of The Poor

Sonic Youth - Death Valley 69' [Bad Moon Rising]
Pulsallama – Ungawa Pt.2 [New York Noise_Compilação]
Ride – Decay [Nowhere]
Death In Vegas - Dirge [The Contino Sessions]

Por... João Alexandre

Ruc n’ Roll de 14 de Novembro

Link Wray – Rumble [The original rumble]
Dead Combo – Rodada [Vol. 2: Quando a alma não é pequena]
Sons and Daughters – Taste the last girl [The Repulsion Box]
The Doors – Not to touch the Earth [Waiting for the Sun]
Mão Morta – O avô cavernoso [Filhos da Madrugada]
Liars – It fit when I was a kid [Drums’ not dead]
Yo la Tengo – You should have known better [I’m not afraid of you and I will beat your ass]
Pixies – Sad Punk [Trompe le monde]
Mission of Burma – The Setup [Onoffon]
Babyshambles – La belle et la bête [Down in Albion]

Soundcheck – Bunnyranch : Luna Dance

Bunnyranch – Your words are my words
Bunnyranch – Inside my head

Jesus and Mary Chain – Something’s wrong [Psychocandy]
PJ Harvey – Losing ground [The Peel Sessions]
Family Fodders – Debby Harry [Rough Trade shops post punk]

Guitarras, pedaleiras e amplificadores ligados por Miguel Henriques

Ruc n’ Roll: 10 de Novembro 2006

Man or Astroman - _____/ Myopia
Teenage Fanclub - Time Stops
Asobi Seksu - Strawberries
Le Fly Pan Am - Erreur: Errance, Interdits De Par Leurs, Nouvelles Possibilites
Thunderbirds Are Now! - Eat This City
Ikara Colt - Motorway
Fish & Sheep - Kidnapped By Nature
Lobster - Lavagante
Comets On Fire - Dogwood Rust
Red Transistor - Not Bite
Art Brut - Formed A Band

Por João Alexandre

Ruc n’ Roll: 7 de Novembro de 2006

Joy Division – Ice age
Birthday Party – Release the bats
Fantômas – The Omen (Ave Satani)
Siouxsiee and the Banshees – Love in a void
Man or Astroman – Interstellar hardrive
Legendary Tigerman – Route 66
Asobi Seksu – Pink cloud tracing paper
Albert Hammond Jr. – Scared
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Cheated hearts
Art Brut – My little brother
White Rose Movement – Girls in the back
Silverio – Yepa Yepa
Peaches – Two guys (for every girl)
X-Wife – She’s lost control
Violent Femmes – Black girls

Descarga electro-gótico-satânico-surf-rockiana dada e Dada por Miguel Henriques

Ruc n Roll: Quinta-Feira, 02 de Novembro de 2006

Teenage Fanclub – The Concept
Mogwai – Friend Of The Night
Sonic Youth – Jams Run Free
Patti Smith - Free Money
The Go! Team - Junior Kickstart
Spoon - Small Stakes
Stereolab - Margerine Rock
Arquitecture In Helsinqui - The Cemetary
Humbert Humbert - Humbert Humbert

Soundcheck: Yo La Tengo - "I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beaty Your Ass" 2006

Yo La Tengo – I Should Have Known You Better
Yo La Tengo – The Race Is On Again

Calla – It Dawned On Me
Asobi Seksu - Strawberries
Gang 90 - Jack Kerouac

Por João Alexandre

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