30 de Janeiro.

01. Beatles - Come together; 02. Joy Division - Warsaw; 03. New Order - Blue Monday; 04. Animal Collective - Fireworks; 05. TV on the Radio - Wolf like me; 06. Arcade Fire - Wake up; 07. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Contender; 08. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Stay Alive; 09. The Smiths - There is a light that never goes out; 10. The Stone Roses - Made of stone; 11. dEUS - Instant Street; 12. The Microphones - The moon; 13. Ornatos Violeta - Débil Mental;

14. Pixies - Gigantic; 15. Mogwai - Gouge away (Pixies); 16. Mogwai - Acid food; 17. For a Minor Reflection - Okyrrd; 18. Sigur Rós - Staralfur; 19. Daturah - Hybrisma; 20. Sonic Youth - Incinerate; 21. The Twilight Sad - 24 hours (Joy Division); 22. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Come saturday; 23. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Hey Paul; 24. Eno - Kelar.

Dan Auerbach - Heartbroken, In Disrepair [Keep it hid]
RL Burnside - Rollin Tumblin' [Come On In]
Pink Mountaintops - Lord, Let Us Shine [Axis Of Evol]
Trans Am - Conspiracy Of The Gods [Sex Change]
Lobster - Farewell
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Young Adult Friction
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Hey Paul
Meho Plaza - A Running Man
Enon - Colette
Mercury Rev - Snowflake In A Hot World
Yo La Tengo - I Should Have Known Better
Times New Viking - Times New Viking Vs. Yo La Tengo
Eat skull - Waiting for the Hesitation
wavves - So Bored

Evangelista - Lucky Lucky Luck [Hello Voyager]
The Kills - No Wow
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - This Love Is Fucking Right
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Everything With You
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Contender
Eagle And Talon - Hot Caught [Thracian]
Vivian Girls - Where Do You Run Too
Raveonettes - Love In A Trashcan
TLSTTS - India [Lights EP]
A-MO - There Is A Great Deal To Be Silent About
Amplifier Machine - The Last Post
Mogwai - Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home
Thee More Shallows - Freshman Thesis
Deerhunter - Agoraphobia (com Intro)
Pocahaunted - Ashes is White

foi assim na 4a

1ª hora
Radiohead - Airbag; Tv on the Radio - Love dog; The White Stripes - Fell in love with a girl; The Strokes - NY city cops; Animal Collective - My girls; The Pain of Being Pure at Heart: Young adult friction, Stay alive e Gentle sons; My Bloody Valentine - Soon; Blonde Redhead - Bean; Deerhunter: Microcastle e Dot again; Zack Hill - Astrological straits.

2ª hora
Les Georges Leningrad - Sponsorships; Blank Dogs - Ants; A Place to Bury Strangers - To fix the gash in your head; God is an Astronaut - Zodiac; Mogwai - Glasgow mega-snake; Errors - Mr. Milk; Meho Plaza - George Washington; The Pains of Being Pure at Hear: Come saturday, The love is fucking right e Hey Paul; Electrelane - Love build up; Land of Talk - Give me back my heart attack; Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Black tongue; Whitye - I made myself invisible; The Dodos - Winter; The Shins - Kissing the lipless.

Abraços, beijinhos, as melhoras para quem estiver doente e boa sorte para quem jogar no Euromilhões.

isto hoje estava-me a correr que nem ginjas. por mim tinha ficado mais meia horita...

no age - every artist needs a tragedy (weirdo rippers, 2007)
collisions - japan '45
mika miko - forensic scientist (666 EP)
abe vigoda - the garden (skeleton, 2008)
deerhoof - the perfect me (friend opportunity, 2007)
the octopus project - truck (hello, avalanche, 2007)
wavves - side yr on (wavves, 2008)

soundcheck - the pains of being pure at heart (S/T, 2009)
young adult friction
the tenure itch
everything with you

the organ - brother (grab that gun, 2004)
deerhunter - nothing ever happened (microcastle, 2008)
elf power - owl cuts (white flowers in the sky) (in a cave, 2008)
the microphones - the moon (the glow pt. 2, 2001)
low - condescend (songs for a dead pilot, 2001)

elizabeth cotten - shake sugaree (shake sugaree, 2004)
blonde redhead - a cure (melody of certain damaged lemons, 2000)
sonic youth - jams run free (rather ripped, 2006)
magik markers - last of the lemach line (BOSS, 2007)

soundcheck - the pains of being pure at heart (S/T, 2009)
a teenager in love
gentle sons

evangelista - for the lil' dudes (hello, voyager, 2008)
mogwai - the sun smells too loud (the hawk is howling, 2008)
errors - dance music (it's not something but it's like whatever, 2008)
these new puritans - colours (beat pyramid, 2008)
peter, bjorn and john - school of kraut (seaside rock, 2008)
metronomy - my heart rate rapid (nights out, 2008)

a)Flanelas; b)"Discos Perdidos"; c) Ruc`n´Roll 23_01_09

Nirvana - Big Cheese, Breed e Serve the Servants; Sonic Youth - Total Trash; Melvins - Eye Flys; Butthole Surfers - Graveyard; Mudhoney - Touch Me I`m Sick; Pearl Jam - Spin The Black Circle; Pixies - Bone Machine; Zack Hill - Keep Calm and Carry On e Hindsight is Nowhere; Led Zeppelin - Black Dog e Heartbreaker; Black Sabbath - Paranoid.

Senhor Hendrix - Highway Chile; John Frusciante - Before the Beggining; The Twilight Sad - Cold Days From the Birdhouse; Mogwai - Hunted by a Freak; Zen - U.N.L.O.; Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Rockers to Swallow; The Clash - Career Oportunities (live); Zach Hill - Astrological Straits; Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive; The Who - My Generation (live).

Stage diving, croud surf e outras coisas.
Beijos e Abraços

Earth - Omens And Portents I: The Driver [2008, The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull]
Fennesz - The Colour Of Three [2008, Black Sea]
Grouper - Tidal Wave [2008, Dragging A Dead Deer Upo A Hill]
Gregor Samsa - Young And Old (VPRO) [2008, Over Air]
Low - Dust On The Window [2007, Drums And Guns]
Jesu - Farewell [2008, Why Are We Not Perfect]
Zach Hill - Hindsight Is Nowhere [2008, Astrological Straights]
Zach Hill - Keep Calm And Carry On [2008, Astrological Straights]
Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog - When We Were Young and We Were Freaks [2008, Party Intellectuals]
Arab Strap - One Four Seven One [2008, Elephant Shoe]
Mogwai - Hunted By A Freak [2003, Happy Songs for Happy People]
Quit - Nohabs In Argentina [2008, Trains EP]
Território - Casa Morta [2008, Casa Morta (Live)]
Riyoji Ikeda - Test Pattern #1010 [2008, Test Partterns]
Zach Hill - Stoic Logic [2008, Astrological Straights]
Zach Hill - Street People [2008, Astrological Straights]
Zach Hill - Dark Art [2008, Astrological Straights]
Grails - Reincarnation Blues [2008, Doomsdayer's Holiday]
Group Inerane - Tenere Etran [2007,Guitars From Agadez]
Konono Nº1 - Paradiso [2005, Congotronics]
Nomo - All The Stars [2008, Ghost Rock]

O vencedor do bilhete duplo para a peça "Os Produtores" é Gonçalo Pedro. Deve dirigir-se à bilheteira para levantar as entradas, munido do seu bilhete de identidade, a partir de dia 23 de Janeiro pelas 17h.

Dia 21 de Janeiro

BRMC - The Effect of 333
Von LMO - This is Pop Rock
Von LMO - Give Me Some Strenght
Liars - Plaster Cards of Everything
Laurie Anderson - Born, Never Asked
Shugo Tokumaru - Kiiro
Magic Numbers - This is a Song
A.C. Newman - Thunderbolts
Zach Hill - Stoic Logic
Zach Hill - Momentum
Zach Hill - Tick On
Marnie Stern - Steely
Klaxons - Gravitys Rainbow

2ª Hora

Clarence Ashley - The House Carpenter
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Susie Q
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Who Do You Love p.1
13th Floor Elevators - Roller Coaster
Lou Reed - Hangin' Round
Sonic Youth - Pattern Recognition
Sonic Youth - Sugar Kane (Live At Restelo, 1994)
Zach Hill - Iambic Strays
ZachHill - Dark Art
Mark Lanegan - Meethamphetamine Blues
Sons And Daughters - Gilt Complex
Prinzhorn Dace School - Do You Know Your Butcher

Por: João Picanço

mogwai - take me somewhere nice (rock action, 1999)
do make say think - the landlord is dead (goodbye enemy airship, the landlord is dead, 2000)
explosions in the sky - day 2 (the rescue, 2005)
earth - rise to glory (the bees made honey in the lion's skull, 2008)
autolux - plantlife (future perfect, 2004)
deerhoof - wrong time capsule (the runners four, 2006)
collisions - japan '45 (não editada)
alex and the horribles - eskimo girl (horribles!, 2008)

soundcheck - zach hill (astrological straits, 2008)
keep calm and carry on
toll road

wire - patient flees (object 47, 2008)
mogwai - i'm jim morrison, i'm dead (the hawk is howling, 2008)

errors - dance music (it's not something, but it's like whatever, 2008)
fuck buttons - street horrrsing, 2008)
prinzhorn dance school - space invader (optimo espacio mix)
zongamin - bongo song (maxi 12", 2005)
!!! - pardon my freedom (louden up now, 2004)

soundcheck - zach hill (astrological straits, 2008)
stoic logic
dark art

peter, bjorn and john - school of kraut (seaside rock, 2008)
neu! - neuschnee (2, 1973)
can - oh yeah! (tago mago, 1971)
oneida - preteen waponry part 3 (preteen weaponry, 2008)


Tonto                              Battles 2007 Mirrored
Vacuum                              Gang Gang Dance 2008 Saint Dymphna
Music For Evening      Young Marble Giants 1980 Colossal Youth
Mystic Prism                      White Rainbow 2008 Prism of Eternal Now
Gamera                              Tortoise 1996 Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Doomsdayer's Holiday Grails 2008 Doomsdayer's Holiday
Astrological Straits        Zach Hill     2008 Astrological Straits
Yü Gung Pussy                     Galore 1988 Sugarshit Sharp
Pink Flag                         Wire 1977 Pink Flag
Hillyh                            The Mae Shi 2008 Hilllyh
Brain Burner                     No Age 2008 Nouns
Frank Zappa                    Help I'm A Rock The Mothers Of Invention 1966 Freak Out!
Black Santana            La Orquesta de Animales 2006 En Rock
Holland, 1945            Neutral Milk Hotel 1998 In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Appetite                            Mount Eerie 2008 Black Wooden Ceiling Opening
AT&T                             Pavement 1995 Wowee Zowee
Come Saturday          The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart 2009
I Only Said                 My Bloody Valentine 1991 Loveless
Tick On                      Zach Hill 2008 Astrological Straits
Stoic Logic                  Zach Hill 2008 Astrological Straits
Ibi Dreams Of Pavement (A Better Half)             Broken Social Scene 2005 Broken Social Scene
Where the Pixies Go             Heavïness 2008 Heavïness
Providence                           Deerhunter 2007 Cryptograms
Providence                            Sonic Youth 1988 Daydream Nation

16 de Janeiro de 1969/2009

Led Zeppelin I - Dazed and Confused; The Doors - The End; Marc Ribots Ceramic Dog - Break on Through (The Doors); Sonic Youth - Eric`s Trip; Mogwai - Gouge Away (Pixies); A Place to Bury Strangers - Ocean; Wavves: California Goth, Vermin e Teenage Super Party; Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Is Is; Animal Collective - Fireworks; Ratatat - Mirando (Animal Collective RMX).

Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes; Panda Bear - Good Girls/Carrots; Zach Hill - Astrological Straits; Electrelane - Only One Thing is Needed; Wavves: Spaced Raider, The Boys Will Love Us e Wavves; Black Lips - Katrina; Nirvana - Gallows of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip; The Clash - The Magnificent 7; The Clash - Midnight Log; Zen - U.N.L.O.

Beijinhos e Abraços

The Dodos - Winter
Magnetic Fields - Too Drunk to Dream
Portugal. The Man - Shade
Lightning Dust - Wind Me Up
Uh Huh Her - Common Reaction
Los Campesinos! - Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #1
Ratatat - Wildcat
Dominique Leone - Brazil Says We Love You
Wavves - California Goth
Wavves - Wavves

Pavement - Billie
Abe Vigoda - Live-Long
Vivian Girls - Wild Guys
Marc Ribot - Pinch
Primal Scream - We're Gonna Boogie

2ª Hora

Trashman - Cyclon
Lively Ones - Surf Rider
The Cars - Just What I Needed
The Beatles - Ask Me Why
The Smiths - Vincar in a Tutu
The Strokes - Someday
Wavves - Space Rider
Wavves - The Boy Will Love Us
Animal Collective - Fireworks
Spiritualized - No God Only Religion
Mogwai - Kings Meadow
Tortoise - Glass Museum
The Microphones - Map
Velvet Underground - Lady Godiva's Operation
Yoko Ono - Everyman, Everywoman

João Picanço

Prinzhorn Dance School - Don't Talk To Strangers (Prinzhorn Dance School, 2007)
Wire - In the art of stopping (Read & Burn, 2002)
Fall - Can Can Summer (Imperial Wax Solvent, 2008)
Dirtbombs - Wreck My Flow (We Have You Surrounded, 2008)
Ikara Colt - May B 1 Day (Chat And Business, 2002)
Holy Fuck - Super Inuit (Studio) [Lovely Allen EP, 2008]
Nomo - Brainwave (Ghost Rock, 2008)
Growing - 01 - Green Flag (All The Way, 2008)
Territorio - Casa Morta (Casa Viva Single, 2008)
Wavves - California Goth (Wavves, 2008)
Wavves - Wavves (Wavves, 2008)
Wavves - Vermin (Wavves, 2008)
Vivian Girls - Tell the World (Vivian Girls, 2008)
Eat Skull - Beach Brains (Sick to Death, 2008)
Lightning Bolt - Longstockings (Wonderful Rainbow, 2003)

Arab Strap - Cherubs (Elephant Shoe, 1999)
A Place To Bury Strangers - To Fix The Gash In Your Head (A Place To Bury Strangers, 2006)
The Raveonettes - Christmas (Wishing You A Rave Christmas EP, 2008)
The Kills - Last Days Of Magic (Midnight Boom, 20080)
PJ Harvey - The Letter (Uh Uh Her, 2004)
Marnie Stern - Vibrational March (In The Advance Of Broken Arm, 2007)
Evangelista - Smooth jazz (Hello Voyager, 2008)
Wavves - Beach Goth (Wavves, 2008)
Wavves - The Boys Will Love Us (Wavves, 2008)
Wavves - Spaced Raider (Wavves, 2008)
Moha! - It Burns Twice (One Way Ticket To Candy Land, 2008)
Paavoharju - Pimeankarkelo (Laulu Laakson Kukista,2008)
Indian Jewelry - Temporary Famine Ship (Indian Jewelry,2008)
BMSR - Zodiac Girls (Pony Version of 7')
Atlas Sound - Recent Bedroom (Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel, 2008)
Microphones - The Moons (Version) (The Glow Pt.2 Bonus Disc, 2003)

14h - 15h

bear in heaven - slow gold (red bloom of the boom, 2008)
peter, bjorn & john - school of kraut (seaside rock, 2008)
the organ - brother (grab that gun, 2004)
electrelane - i'm on fire (bruce springsteen, singles, b-sides & live, 2006)
deerhoof - my purple past (offend maggie, 2008)
marc ribot - yo! i killed your god (requiem for what's his name, 1992)
collisions - japan '45 (não editada)

soundcheck - wavves (wavves, 2008)
side yr on
california goth

marnie stern - shea stadium (this is it..., 2008)
zach hill - keep calm and carry on (astrological straits, 2008)
YATCH - it's boring /you can live anywhere you want (summer song EP, 2008)
starfucker - rawnald gregory erickson the second (starfucker, 2008)

15h - 16h

yo la tengo - from a motel 6 (painful, 1993)
sonic youth - sunday (a thousand leaves, 1998)
blonde redhead - distilled (in an expression of the inexpressible, 1998)
the microphones - the moon (the glow, pt. 2, 2001)
the breeders - night of joy (mountain battles, 2008)
free kitten - seasick (inherit, 2008)
thurston moore - trees outside the academy (trees outside the academy, 2007)
grandaddy - the crystal lake (the sophtware slump, 2000)
enon - natural disasters (high society, 2002)

soundcheck - wavves (wavves, 2008)
spaced raider
teenage super party
the boys will love us

low - everybody's song (the great destroyer, 2005)
my bloody valentine - cupid come (isn't anything, 1988)

pour yourself another cup, another cup, and wait, i can't wait forever...

Kick Out The Jams     MC 5 1969 Kick Out The Jams
No Fun                        The Stooges 1969 The Stooges
Joe'z Waltz                The Dodos 2008 Visiter
Right Hand On My Heart            The Whigs 2007 Mission Control
Preteen Weaponry  Part 2           Oneida 2008 Preteen Weaponry
Black Rice                    Women 2008 Women
Suffering Jukebox              Silver Jews 2008 Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea
starting over               Black Lips 2009 200 Million Thousand 
Here's to the Sun           Wavves 2008 Wavves
Space Raider                  Wavves 2008 Wavves
The Ceasing Now               Parts & Labor 2008 Receivers
Simon Says                     Marnie Stern 2008 This Is It...

2a Hora

Carol Ann Thee                    Oh Sees 2008 Carol Ann 7''
An Ill Jest                              Ty Segall 2008 Ty Segall
Hellhole Ratrace                  Girls
Lola Langusta                         Cheveu 2007 My Answer Is Yes 7''
Safest In Bearhugs                 Twin Lion (2009) AWESOME POWER
Vermin                                    Wavves 2008 Wavves
Wavves                                    Wavves 2008 Wavves
The Boys Will Love Us          Wavves 2008 Wavves
south of france                         harlem Free drugs ;-)
Head Hunters                         Graffiti Island
Rester                                      Zola Jesus 2008 XXperiments
Beach Foam                           Future Islands 2008 Wave Like Home
If I Had A Heart                    Fever Ray Fever Ray
Aquafresh                               Zomby 2008 Zomby EP
XR 2                                        M.I.A. 2007 Kala
Summertime Clothes            Animal Collective 2009 Merriweather Post Pavilion

Dia Nove do Primeiro Mês de Dois Mil e Nove

Foi assim:

The Microphones - Moon; Department of Eagles - Phantom Other; Deerhunter - Twilight at Carbon Lake; Deerhunter - VHS Dream; Deerhoof - My Purple Past; dEUS - Favourite Game; M83 - Kim & Jessie; Peixe:Avião - Camaleão; The Dodos - The Season; The Kills - Last Day of Magic; Tv On The Radio - Golden Age; Bloc Party - Trojan Horse; Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus.

e assim:

Linda Martini - Sabotagem; AristeiA - Stairway to Heaven part2: The Stampede Into Heaven; EF - Bear; Spokes - Young People All Together; We`re From Japan - There Are Horses In The Street; God is an Astronaut - Zodiac; Mogwai - Devil Rides; Errors - Pump.

Abraços e Beijos

Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes
Animal Collective - My Girls
99mm Parabellum Bullets - Mr. Suicide
Shugo Tokumaru - Typewriter
Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland, 1945
Yo La Tengo - Little Honda
Sonic Youth - I Love Her All the Time
Glenn Branca - My Relationship
Dinosaur Jr. - It's Me
Los Campesinos! - Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats
Bloc Party - Trojan Horse
Of Montreal - Forecast Fascist Future
Microphones - Mansion

2ª hora (a partir daqui começaram a desligar o rádio, segundo fontes próximas)

Hercvles and the Love Affair - Athene
ESG - Bam Bam Jam
Boris and Kenji Haino - From the Distance
Fugazi - Long Distance Runner
As Meias - Arouse
Infadels - Play Blind
White Stripes - Conquest
Fuck Buttons - Okay, Let's Talk About Magic

Depois tivemos o jogo da Briosa e todos pudemos respirar

Bom Ano

Por: João Picanço

Weird 2008 Cont.

01.Nomo - My Dear (Ghost Rock,2008)
02.Indian Jewelry - Hello Africa (Free Gold!)
03.Grails - Reincarnation Blues (Doomsdayer's Holyday,2008)
04.Fennesz - Perfume For Winter (Black Sea,2008)
05.Valerio Cosi - Proud (To Be Kraut) (
06.Ryoji Ikeda - Test Pattern #0100 (Test Patterns,2008)
07.Tobacco - Berries That Burn (F*cked Up Friends,2008)
08.BMSR - The Dark Forest Joggers (Drippers, 2008)
09.Growing - Green Flag (All The Way,2008)
10.Fuck Buttons - Sweet Love for Planet Earth (Street Horrsing,2008)
11.Errors - National Prism (It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever,2008)

12. Marnie Stern - Transformer (This Is It... ,2008)
13.Zach Hill - DArk Art (Astrological Straits, 2008)
14.Awesome Color - Eyes Of Light (Electric Aborigines,2008)
15.Fucked Up - Magic Word (Chemistry Of Common Life,2008)
16.Dirtbombs - Leopard Man At C&A (We Have You Surrounded,2008)
17.The Black Keys - Strange Times (Strange Times,2008)
18.Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Midnight Man (Dig Lazarus Dig,2008)
19.Beck - Gamma Ray (Modern Guilt,2008)
20.Deerhunter - Little Kids (Microcastle,2008)
21.Jay Reatard - See Saw (2008 Matador Singles,2008)
22.Vivian Girls - Such A Joke (Vivian Girls,2008)
23.No Age - Teen Creeps (Nouns,2008)
24.Times New Viking - Teen Drama (Rip It Off,2008)
25.Eat Skull - Beach Brains (Sick To Death,2008)
26.Be Your OWn Pet - Hearthrob (Get Awkward,2008)
27.Meho Plaza - The Beach (Meho Plaza,2008)
28.The Fall - Taurig (Imperial Wax Solvent,2008)

Ora Bolas!!!Vi mal as horas e não acabei o programa! Ficam então aqui as despedidas e a faixa que faltava:

29. The Kills - What New York Used To Be (Midnight Boom,2008)

14h - 15h

do make say think - auberge le mouton noir (winter hymn, country hymn, secret hymn, 2003)
earth - rise to glory (the bees made honey in the lion's skull, 2008)
drop nineteens - delaware (delaware, 1992)
japanther - river phoenix (skuffed up my huffy, 2007)
japanther - the dirge (tut tut now shake ya butt, 2008)
jay reatard - blood visions (blood visions, 2006)
wavves - so bored (wavves, 2009)
the fiery furnaces - navy nurse (widow city, 2007)
liars - there's always room on the broom (they were wrong so we drowned, 2004)
abe vigoda - the garden (skeleton, 2008)
meho plaza - i sold my organs (welcome to meho plaza, 2005)
metronomy - my heart rate rapid (nights out, 2008)
whitey - sweet words for the sour (great shakes, 2006)
bearsuit - foxy boxer (oh:io, 2007)
barbie bangkok - new friend (oh my god! EP, 2004)

15h - 16h

yo la tengo - deeper into movies (i can hear the heart beating as one, 1997)
sonic youth - radical adults lick godhead style (murray street, 2002)
grandaddy - street bunny (hewlett's daughter cd single, 2000)
the octopus project - truck (hello, avalanche!, 2007)
collisions - japan '45 (unreleased)
beck - minus (odelay, 1996)
enon - paperweights (grass geisers, carbon clouds, 2007)
cave - hunt like devil (hunt like devil jamz, 2008)
the dodos - winter (visiter, 2008)
numbers - hey hey dream (now you are this, 2007)
stereolab - nihilist assault group, parts 1-3 (oscillions from the anti-sun, 2005)
the chap - i am oozing emotion (ham, 2005)
bis - sweet shop avengerz (the new transistor heroes, 1997)
polysics - new wave jacket (polysics or die, 2004)
kap bambino - hey! (zero life, night vision, 2006)

1a hora:
Took My Lady Out To Dinner King Khan and The Shrines     2008
The Supreme Genius of King Khan and The Shrines

The Drag Ty Segall 2008
Ty Segall

I've Had it Catatonic Youth 2008
Piss Scene 7"

The Package Is Wrapped Marnie Stern  2008
This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That

Burning Awesome Color 2008
Electric Aborigines

Tyrants Black Mountain 2008
In The Future

Tone Poem Rings 2008 Black Habit

Fredag Dungen 2008

When Tomorrow Hits Spectrum 2008
Indian Giver

Downstairs Religious Knives 2008
The Door

Shaking Hands Women 2008

Ripped Knees No Age 2008

Never/Ever The Black Angels 2008
Directions To Seek A Ghost

2a hora:
Dont Look That Way At It White Denim 2008

Rumours Love Is All 2008
A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night

Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From An Angel) Ponytail    2008
Ice Cream Spiritual

Bodycast The Sad Cobras 2008
No More Graves

Where Do You Run To Vivian Girls 2008
Vivian Girls

Sour Cherry The Kills 2008
Midnight Boom

Nothing Ever Happened Deerhunter 2008

The Glow Pt. 2 Microphones 2008
The Glow Pt 2 Reissue 

Big Trouble Man Man 2008
Rabbit Habits

Mount Misery Parts & Labor 2008

Deerhoof - Jagged Fruit Deerhoof 2008
Offend Maggie

Elmo Delmo Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks 2008
Real Emotional Trash

Things Ain't Like They Used to Be The Black Keys 2008
Attack & Release

Inês, esta é para Ti!

"Ler é sonhar pela mão de outrem. Ler mal e por alto é libertarmo-nos da mão que nos conduz. A superficialidade na erudição é o melhor modo de ler bem e ser profundo"
Bernardo Soares (O Livro do Desassossego)

01. 65 Days Of Static - Dance Parties (Mechanised)
02. Crystal Castles - Alice Practice
03. Metronomy - The End Of You Two
04. Does It Offend You Yeah - Doomed Now
05. Raveonettes - Dead Sound (80KIDZ RMX)
06. Meho Plaza - I Sold My Organs
07. Blood Red Shoes - Say Something, Say Anything
08. CSS - Jagger Yoga
09. Ladytron - I'm Not Scared
10. M83 - We Own The Sky
11. Beck - Gamma Ray
12. Beck - Devil's Haircut
13. Dirtbombs - Ever Lovin' Man
14. The Fall - Taurig
15. BMSR - If I Had An Extra Toe (Nunca comam Fiambre da Perna Extra!)
16. Thom Yorke - Harrowdown (Logic Jump RMX)

17. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Lie Down Here And be My Girl

18. Deerhunter - Operation
19. Deerhoof - Basket Ball (Get Your Groove Back)
20. Best Fwends - Skate Or Live
21. Hellostereo - Shibuya Girl
22. Errors - Dance Music
23. Mogwai - the Sun Smells To Loud
24. Fujiya & Miyagi - Sore Thumb
25. Ratatat - Shempi
26. Fuck Buttons - Ribs Out
27. The Kills - What N.Y. Used To Be
28. A Place To Bury Strangers - To Fix The Gash in Your Head(Lillica Libertine RMX)
29. Marnie Stern - Clone Cycle
30. Do Make Say Think - March Of Worms

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