Rock 'N Rolla

Death - Rock 'N' Roll Victim
R.L.Burside - Fever In My Blood
Black Diamond Heavies - Fever In My Blood
Dan Auerbach - Heart broken In Disrepair
Black Lips - Starting Over
Black Lips - 12 Body Combat
Castevet -
Arboretoum - Thin Dominion
The Phantom Band - Halfhound
DD/MM/YY - Infinity Skull Cube
Black Dice - Earnings Plus Interest
The Show Is The Rainbow - Mother And Son
Yellow Yesterday - Sunday Song (vão buscá-la é GRÁTIS!)
Bright Star Regulus - Ashes Become Shooting Stars
Casiotone For The (Painfully Alone) - White Corolla
Telepathe - So Fine

Fleeting Joys - You Are The Darkness
Dead Mellotron - I Hate The Way Things Are(mais outra borla)
Black Lips - Take My Heart
Black Lips - 14 I Saw God
California Raisins - Down At The Flop House
Cave - Ravens Hash
Wavves - So Bored
Condo Fuck - Dog Meat
The Muslims - Call It A Day
I Was A King - Golden Years
Vivian Girls - Surfin Away
Eagle And Talon - All Of My Gardians
Dum Dum Girls - Hey Sis
Lotus Plaza - Is Different Minors
City Center - This Is How We See In The Dark
Boredoms - Ant 10

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