(13 de Março de) 2009, Odisseia no EP

Dead Mellotron - Ghost light constellation (Ghost Light Constellation EP); Animal Collective - People (People EP); Arcade Fire - No cars go (The Arcade Fire EP); Black Mountain - Druganaut (Druganaut EP); Black Lips: Body Combat, I`ll be with you e Take my heart; Blood Red Shoes - Try harder (I`ll Be Your Eyes EP); YYY`s - Is is (IS IS EP); Peixe:Avião - Atiro ao alvo (Camaleão EP); Errors - Crew cut (How Clean Is Your Acid House?); 65daysofstatic - Antique hyper mall (The Distant and Mechanised...EP).

Do Make Say Think - I love you, la la la (Besides EP); EF - Noorland (From Landscapes in North...EP); iLiKETRAiNS - 3 Sisters (The Christmas Tree Ship EP); Sigur Rós - DiDo (BabaTikiDido EP); Atlas Sound - Knife (Grizzly Bear Friend EP); Black Lips: I saw God e Drugs; Red Sparowes - I saw the sky in the north...(Red Sparowes/Gregor Samsa Split EP); Sleepmakeswaves - By moving the stars I have found where you are hiding (Sleepmakeswaves EP); The Allstar Project - For a friend (Something To Do With Death EP).

Bom fim de semana

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