o corpo quase que foi, mas a alma ficou na rua!

Radiohead - Everything in it`s right place; Tv on the Radio - Wolf like me; Animal Collective - Fireworks; Electrelane - Only one thing is needed; Sonic Youth - Total trash; Pixies - Gouge away; Nirvana - Milk it; Dead Mellotron: I woke up e Ghost light constelattion; APtBS - I know I`ll see you; Duoelectrum - Cabeça nas nuvens; Lotus Plaza - Red oak way.
Dept. of Eagles - Waves of rye; Joiejoiejoie - Mulán (magnolia); The Kills - Black balloon; The White Stripes - Effect and cause; YYY`s - Cold night; The Strokes - Hard to explain; Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses; Stone Roses - Elephant stone; Flake Music - Vantage; David Bowie - Sufragette city; Dead Mellotron: I hate the way things are, Nothing I ever imagined e Heart flutter;
Meho Plaza - The beach; Foals - Hummer; QotSA - 3`s and 7`s; Mogwai - Batcat.

Chateado com esta emissão. Apre!

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