Ruc n´Roll, Terça-Feira, 7 de Março de 2006

1ª Hora

Caravan - Don´t Worry
Pink Mountaintops - Cold Criminals
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Still Suspicion Holds You Tight
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - In This Home On Ice
Guided by Voices - Mix Up the Satellite
Modest Mouse - Life Like Weeds
Helms - Horace: Age 19; Powers-None
From Monument to Masses - The Noise Thereafter
Tristeza - Opiate Slopes
Interpol - Stella Was a Diver and She´s Allways Down
The Cure - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)

2ª Hora

Blood Safari - Friend of Foe
The Immortal Lee County Killers III - Blues
Blood on the Wall - Stoner Jam
Love is All - Spinning & Scratching
Broken Social Scene - Fire Eye´d Boy
Mão Morta - Charles Manson
Sétima Legião - Aguarela
Radiohead - Exit Music (live)
Mogwai - Travel is Dangerous
Dirty Three - I Really Should've Gone Out Last Night
The National - Baby, We'll Be Fine
Neil Young - Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix)
The Kingsbury Manx - Porchlight
Belle Orchestre - Les Lumieres, Pt. 1
Liars- Let's Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack

Por João Sardo

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