Ruc n´Roll de 2 de Março, 5ª

Electrelane - Long dark
Husker Dü - Wheels
Pixies - Something against you (live)
Blood on the Wall - Heat from the day
Love is all - Busy doing nothing
Kleenex - You
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold lion
The Long Blondes - Long blonde

SOUNDCHECK: Mogwai - Mr. Beast (2006)
Friend of the night
Glasgow megasnake

Ernesto - June 2001
Sean Riley - Lights out in the city
Liars - The wrong coat for you Mt. Heart Attack
Bell Orchestre - Trow it on a fire
Oneida - Fantastic morgue

Radiohead - Sit down, stand up
The Doors - Strange days
Tricky - Singing the blues
Franz Ferdinand - The fallen
Artic Monkeys - From the Ritz to the rubble
Mommy & Daddy - Pretty loser
Pink Mountaintops - New drug criminals
Wilde Rattz - T.V. eye
Test Icicles - Circle.square.triangle

SOUNDCHECK: Mogwai - Mr. Beast (2006)
We're no here

The Imortal Lee County Killers - Revolution summer
Blood Safari - Friend or foe
The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster - The fool
The Von Bondies - No regrets
The Teenage Idols - Soul punk

por João Terêncio

Vencedores Franz Ferdinand

Os vencedores dos singles "The Fallen" dos Franz Ferdinand são...

Américo Alves
José Gomes

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