Ruc n´Roll de 6 de Março, 2ª

The Mars Volta - Cut that city
Liars - The wrong coat for you Mt. Heart Attack
Blonde Redhead - Falling man
ESG - Talk it
Love is All - Make out fall out make up
Bell Orchestre - Les lumieres, pt.1
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold lion
The Arcade Fire - Headlights look like diamonds
The Long Blondes - Appropriation (by any other name)
Franz Ferdinand - Words so leisured
Sean Riley - Lights out in the city
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Devil's waitin
D3ö - Cross the river

Blood on the Wall - I'd like to take you out tonight
Pink Mountaintops - Lord, let us shine
PJ Harvey - Shame (live)
Queens of the Stone Age - Better living through chemistry
The Raconteurs - Store bought bones
Hasil Adkins - Chicken walk
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Magical colours
Love - Everybody's gotta live
Artic Monkeys - Red light indicates doors are secured
Art Brut - Formed a band (acoustic)
Mark Sandman - Wig
The Dirtbombs - The sharpest claws
Test Icicles - Boa vs. python
Lightning Bolt - 2 towers
Mogwai - Glasgow megasnake
90 Day Men - Last night a DJ saved my life

por João Terêncio

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