14h - 15h
...and you will know us by the trail of dead - how near, how far (source tags & codes, 2002)
sonic youth - dripping dream (sonic nurse, 2004)
autolux - audience no. 2 (transit transit, a editar em 2009)
celebration - tame the savage (the modern tribe, 2007)
electrelane - bells (axes, 2005)

soundcheck - awsome color- electric aborigines (ecstatic peace, 2008)
evil rose
the moon
come and dance

free kitten - free kitten on the mountain (inherit, 2008)
indian jewelry - swans (free gold!, 2008)
do make say think - the landlord is dead (goodbye enemy airship, the landlord is dead, 2000)

15h - 16h
zach hill - keep calm and carry on (astrological straits, 2008)
marnie stern - shea stadium (this is it..., 2008)
metronomy - my heart rate rapid (nights out, 2008)
esg - UFO (a south bronx story, vol 1, 2000)
le tigre - on guard (feminist sweepstakes, 2002)

soundcheck: awsome color- electric aborigines (ecstatic peace, 2008)
already down
do it right
eyes of light

cave - hunt like devil (hunt like devil/jamz, 2007)
oneida - preteen weaponry, part 1 (preteen weaponry, 2008)

e por aqui me fico, que estou irritado.

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ainda se tivesse em Portugês..
Boa Noite.

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