Black Sabbath - Paranoid; Sonic Youth - Trilogy (the wonder, hyperstation e eliminator jr); Nirvana - Milk it (demo version); Volcano! -
Red and white bells; Awesome Color - Electric Aborigenes: eyes of light, taste it, already down; Cloud Archive - How to smoke roses; French Teen Idol - Ode to a departing friend.

Arctic Monkeys - Cigarrete smoker Fiona; TV on the Radio - Shout me out; Radiohead - Paranoid Android; The Stone Roses - Fools gold; Awesome Color - Electric Aborigenes: step up, do it right, evil rose; The Sound of Animals Fighting - Uzbekistan; Interstellar Overdrive - Music for the trees; Spokes - Sometimes words are too slow.

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The Sound Of Animals Fighting rula tanto.. :)

sexta-feira, dezembro 12, 2008 8:04:00 da tarde  

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