Ruc n´ Roll, Quarta-Feira, 31 Maio de 2006

liars - be quiet mt heart attack
jesu - star
yeah yeah yeahs - mysteries
Franz Ferdinand & Jane Birkin - Song for Sorry angel (Gainsburg)
deltahead - my mama was too lazy to pray
king kahn and his shrines - burming inside
long blonds - Autonomy Boy
artic monkeys - the view from the afternoon

soundcheck - those legendary shack shakers "pandelirium"
jipsy valentine
the ballad of speedy atkins

the racounteurs - Store Bought Bones
elysian fields - set the grass on fire
the futureheads - cope
the gossip - yr mangled heart
controller.controller - Rooms
Franz Ferdinand - Outsiders
clinic - walking with thee
The Organ - I Am Not Surprised
the strokes - you only live once
black mountain - don't run our hearts around
magneta lane - 22
living things - I owe
Thw Legendary tiger man - the whole world's got the eyes on you

soundcheck - those legendary shack shakers "pandelirium"
No such thing
iron lung Oompah
Monkey on the dog house

danielson - kids pushing kids
metric - Patriarch On A Vespa
eagles of death metal - just nineteen
archie bronson outfit - cherry cola

brought to you by
António Sérgio

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