Ruc n´Roll de 13 de Fevereiro, 2ª

Animal Collective - Banshee beat
Neu! - Fur immer
Sonic Youth - The sprawl
Interpol - Not even jail (Daniel Kessler remix)
Strokes - Heart in a cage
Desert Sessions - Dead in love

SOUNDCHECK: Pink Mountaintops - Axis of evol (2006)
Cold criminals
New drug queens

Serena-Maneesh - Beehiver II
King Kahn & his Shrines - Sweet tooth

The Rapture - Love is all
Love is all - Ageing had never been his friend
Bell Orchestre - Les lumieres, pt.2
Tokyo Sex Destruction - Good morning
The Imortal Lee County Killers - Blues
Blood Safari - Zombie slave
Blood Safari - Friend or foe
The Cramps - Can your pussy do the dog?
The Buzzcocks - Whatever happened to?
Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodja
The Parkinsons - Bedsit city
Monkey Island - This is not

SOUNDCHECK: Pink Mountaintops - Axis of evol (2006)
Lord, let us shine

Blood on the Wall - Mary Susan
The Gossip - Listen up!

por João Terêncio

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