Ruc'n'Roll 1 de Janeiro de 2008

No ínicio de 2008, passamos revista naqueles que foram alguns dos momentos altos de 2007...

1ª hora

Celebration - Our hearts don't change [The Modern Tribe]
The Go Team ! - Keys to the city [Proof of Youth]
The Raveonettes - Dead Sound [Lust Lust Lust]
Black Lips - Good Bad Not Evil [Good Bad Not Evil]
Art Brut - Direct Hit [It's a Bit Complicated]
Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen [Holy Fuck]
Shocking Pinks - Second Hand Girl [Shocking Pinks]
Thurston Moore - The shape is in a trance [Trees Outside The Academy]
Dinosaur Jr. - Crumble [Beyond]
Magik Markers - Taste [Boss]
The Coathangers - Missing Letter [The Coathangers]
Radiohead - Reckoner [In Rainbows]
Caribou - Melody Day [Andorra]
Interpol - No in treesome [Our Love To Admire]
No Age - Neck Escaper [Wierdo Rippers]

2ª hora

Tiny Masters of Today - Hologrma World [Bang Bang Boom Cake]
Prinzhorn Dance School - Up,Up,Up [Prinzhorn Dance School]
LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great [Sound of Silver]
Unkle - Persons & Machinery (feat. Autolux) [War Stories]
Blonde Redhead - The Dress [23]
Electrelane - To The East [No Shouts, No Calls]
Yeah Yeah Yeah's - 10x10 [Is Is]
Liars - Freak Out [Liars]
Young Marble Giants - Music for Evenings [Colossal Youth]
Wire - No Warning Given [Read and Burn 03]
The Besnard Lakes - Devastation [Are The Dark Horses]
Queens of the Stone Age - Suture up your future [Era Vulgaris]
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Need Some Air [Baby 81]
The White Stripes - Gag and Bone [Icky Thump]

Fabiana Silva

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