Ruc n roll de 9 de Janeiro de 2007

Liars – Be Quiet Mt. Heart Attack [Drums Not Dead]
Sunburned Hand Of The Man – Adult Costume [Complexion]
Panda Bear – Bro's [Bro's 12"]
Scott Walker – Hands Me Up [The Drift]
Black Mountain – Druganaut [Black Mountain]
Vetiver – You May Be Blue [To Find Me Gone]
Arnold Layne – Gerald, The Megalomaniac Mouse [Hunting Bears With A Tiny Fork Ep]
Robocop Kraus – Fake Boys [Living With Other People]
Thunderbirds Are Now! – 198010 [Just A Moustache]

Disco da Semana: Red Krayola [On introduction]

Red Krayola - When She Went Swimming [On introduction]
Red Krayola - Psy ops [On introduction]

Por João Alexandre

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