Ruc n Roll de 12 de Dezembro de 2006

Devo – Uncontrolable urge [Pioneers who got scalped]
X-Wife – Take the honey and run [Side effects]
White Rose Movement – Girls in the back [Kick]
CSS – Fuck off is not the only thing you have to show [CSS]
New York Dolls – Vietnamese baby [New York Dolls]
Sonic Youth – Dirty Boots [Goo]
Modern Lovers – Roadrunner
Eagles of Death Metal – I want you so hard [Death by Sexy]
James Chance – Contort yourself [Rough Trade Shops Post Punk]
Mercenárias – Santa Igreja [Cadê As Armas?]
Franz Ferdinand – The Fallen [You could have it so much better]
The Organ – I am not surprised [Grab that gun]
TV on Radio – New health Rock [4 AD 1980 Forward]
David Lynch and John Neff – 911 [Bluebob]

Disco da Semana – Mogwai [Zidane A 21st Century Portrait]

Mogwai – Black Spider

Por Miguel Henriques (quem mais podia ser?)

Nota: James Chance não é pós-punk

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