Ruc n´ Roll, Quinta-Feira, 27 de Abril de 2006

1ª hora

Arab Strap - Direction Of Strong Man
Logh - The Contractor And The Assassin
Blur - Blue Jeans
Galaxy 500 - Fourth Of Julyl
The Microphones - Tonight Tere'll Be Clouds
Le Fly Pan Am - Patially Sabotage Distraction
Mão Morta - Charles Manson
Deltahead - Don't Move To Finland

Soundcheck - Eagles Of Death Metal “ Death By Sexy", 2006
1 - Cherry Cola
2 - I Like To Move In The Night

Lightning Bolt - The Faire Folk
The Legendary Tiger Man - Walkin' Downtown
X-Wife - Panic

2ª hora

Mogwai - Friend Of The Night
My Bloody Valentine - Slow
Liars - There's Always Room On The Broom
Sonic Youth - Death Valley 69'
Mudhoney - In Search Of...
Wolf Parade - Shine A Light
The Strokes - Ize Of The World

Soundcheck - Eagles Of Death Metal “ Death By Sexy", 2006
1 - I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)
2 - I Gotta Feeling (Just Nineteen)

The Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control
The Rapture - Floating In A Constant Heaven
Lali Puna - Micronomic
Pink Mountaintops - Lord, Let Us Shine
The Police - Invisible Sun

Por João Alexandre

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um forte aplauso para quem passa a slow dos my bloody valentine...
e um abraço tb

sexta-feira, abril 28, 2006 12:55:00 da manhã  

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