emissão de ressaca

low - pissing (the great destroyer, 2005)
blonde redhead - pink love (misery is a butterfly, 2004)
magik markers - last of the lemach line (BOSS, 2007)
red sparowes - like the howling glory of the darkest winds (...) (every red heart shines yoward the red sun, 2006)
oneida - preteen weaponry part 1 (preteen weaponry, 2008)
pedro the lion - criticism as inspiration (the only reason o feel secure, 1999)
mogwai - take me somewhere nice (rock action, 1999)
super furry animals - zoom (love kraft, 2005)

...and you will know us by the trail of dead - source tags & codes (source tags & codes, 2002)
blur - battle (13, 1999)
fuck buttons - sweet love for planet earth (street horrrsing, 2008)
steve reich - different trains, part I (works 8: different trains/electric counterpoint/three movements, 1989)
yo la tengo - pass the hatchet, i think i'm goodkind (i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass, 2006)
isabelle chase otelo saraiva de carvalho - faixa 9 ou o caralho (27, 2008)
sonic youth - plastic sun (murray street, 2002)
the chap - i am oozing emotion (the chap, 2005)
meho plaza - i sold my organs (meho plaza, 2008)
enon - pleasure and privilege (high society, 2002)
abe vigoda - the garden (skeleton, 2008)
bis - sweet shop avengerz (the new transistor heroes, 1997)

2 comentários:

Terças, Paciência.

terça-feira, fevereiro 24, 2009 5:40:00 da tarde  

é incrível como as falhas de emissão acontecem exactamente nos momentos em que menos desejo que isso aconteça...
que nervos, perdi a primeira!

quanto ao resto, absolutamente maravilhoso!

terça-feira, fevereiro 24, 2009 9:31:00 da tarde  

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